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September 15, 2010 Newsletter Archive

Autumn is a Great Time to Take Stock

It's September and if you are like us you are experiencing the natural progression of the Earth's cycle of seasons in the most visceral of ways. The leaves skim the road sides, the days grow shorter, and the weather turns cooler. Fall is here and this seasonal change is a reminder to us that there is no better time to take stock of your personal circumstances.

Ask yourself: are my legal and financial affairs in order? Have I protected my loved ones in the event of a crisis? What have I done thus far about this and what more should I do? Have I named a guardian for my young children? Have I thought about writing a brief set of instructions should my guardian need to step in and take up his or her role? What about my life wishes should a crisis befall me? Have I given enough thought to what I would like to see happen then? Am I familiar with my own financial situation? Should I pay a visit, or begin a relationship with a financial advisor? Do I know about my retirement plans and how secure I am? What about my parents? Am I comfortable with their security? Are they more vulnerable than I would like to think about, and if so, what can I do about it?

If you are having a difficult time answering these questions we can help. We are here to help you feel more secure about your future and thus, your present, so that the next time you take stock you will be able to breeze right through these questions.

Consider Life Care Planning

While living well may be on most of our minds, aging well isn't always easy. In fact, as we age we are often faced with increased complexity and sometimes confusion around choices for our health care, finances, and living arrangements. Our once spacious homes may begin to feel like unwanted baggage. Our health feels fine at the moment but are our doctor's appointments too many, too few, and what about our medications? If a crisis occurs with ourselves or our loved ones, how have we prepared? Too often we wait until there is a crisis, when illness or another serious complication requires immediate attention.

Life Care Planning is the relationship between you, your family and our office that offers you guidance, counseling and support now, so that you will be prepared for living well now, and for the potential crisis down the road. Whether you have family close by or far away, Melendy Moritz Life Care Planning takes the approach that coordinating with families and providing in-home assessments and a Life Care Plan, will allow you to maintain your quality of life, with dignity, in the best setting for you. We assist you throughout all your phases of aging continuum, whether you are in your own home or in a communal residence.

If you are living at home, Life Care Planning can provide you with a clear advantage. Our social worker assesses you where you live so you can safely discuss matters of importance to you and she can determine how best to meet your needs. For children with aging parents, Life Care Planning can provide the catalyst to help their parents live safely in an appropriate environment. Sometimes the choice comes down to seeking more in-home care or having a parent move to a residential facility. Although many seniors are wary of moving to an institutional setting, these residences come in many varieties and must be vetted. If home care assistance is the right answer, the process of seeking the right fit for a parent can be all consuming. Our social worker will be able to assist families in seeking the best fit, minimizing the complexity and confusion to children.

Questions abound when thinking about aging well. Call our office to see how our Life Care Planning program can help you get organized and be prepared for these challenges.

Melendy Moritz PLLC is a client centered boutique firm. We focus on your unique needs by providing the individualized legal counseling and advising tailored to your specific situation.

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